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How do I help my clients?


Client X has written a document – product release, leaflet, book, etc. – but they've spent so long working on it, they're no longer able to spot errors: they read what they expect to be there, rather than seeing what is actually on the page.

How do I resolve this? As a proofreader, I check your written materials in detail for errors (spelling, grammar, layout, style, consistency, etc.) before your customers have a chance to see them.


Client Y wants to write a document – newsletter, business blog, press release, etc. – but doesn't have the time to do it, or would struggle to write it in a way that sells their business, products & services in a compelling & creative way.

What is my role? As a copywriter, I use your brief to write copy that sells your brand in a way that resonates with your target audience, with the aim of converting them into customers.

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