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So, who am I, anyway?

My family and I live in the beautiful city of Ely, 13 miles north of Cambridge – my home city. If you've never visited either place before, you really must!

I began my proofreading business when our first child was very young – we now have two children and they're still pretty young, but are now at school and a bit more self-sufficient!


Proofreading was a perfect choice for me as I've always had an eye for detail and a knack for spotting mistakes in publications – freelancing offers the flexibility that works well with family life. Emma Smith Proofreader evolved in 2018 when I added a copywriting service.


Having discovered a love of writing in my adult years, I created a personal blog which has allowed me to indulge in writing as a hobby. After being asked by a friend and a client to write something for their businesses, I realised that I was actually very good at it!

Combining proofreading & copywriting has opened doors to a wonderful base of clients working in diverse industries. I feel very fortunate to have my own business that I love.

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