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Proofreading & Copywriting with a smile

Using words to help your business stand out

Whether you write your own business materials and would like a fresh pair of eyes to check them for errors, or you're struggling to find the right words to promote your business and would like someone to write them for you, I can help.

What I do for my clients:


Why choose me?

My clients have one of three problems that I can solve:

You've written a document and it's critical that it is error free.

How can I solve this?
As a proofreader, I'm trained to spot mistakes with spelling, grammar, layout, style and inconsistencies. It isn't unusual to read your own writing blindly – your brain can trick you into seeing what you expect to be there. Coming in fresh, I will be able to correct any issues.

You need to write a document but don't have the time to do it, or the confidence to begin.

How can I solve this?
As a copywriter, I can talk to you about your project, find out who are the target audience you want to reach and by what method, and fulfil the brief for you. I can take on the copywriting process from beginning to end – leaving you to concentrate on other jobs.

You're part way through writing a document and don't have time to finish, or you're struggling to find the words to complete it.

How can I solve this?
I'll chat with you about the progress you've made so far, discuss who you are writing for and what the end goal is – then I'll write the rest of the document for you. There's no shame in asking for help; I will happily join you at any step along the process.


What I've worked on & who I've worked with...


event press releases |

web content | newsletters |

annual reports | dissertations |

technology advertising | short stories |

magazine articles | business blogs |

local history publications | 

university applications


design & marketing agencies |

service providers | book publisher | 

event organiser | students | retail brand | 

freelance business owners | charities |

magazine publisher | local MP |

academic institution | 

heritage organisation

Happy Clients

“It was a pleasure to work with Emma on an article writing project recently. She turned in clear, accurate, and insightful copy that really impressed the client. And, on top of that, she was prompt, friendly, and quick to take feedback on board.


Thanks for your help, Emma. You're a star! ”

Sophie Livingston


"Working with Emma was painless, she did a fantastic job of turning dry, long copy into something enjoyable to read. 
Totally professional, on time and budget.


It was a pleasure to work with Emma, meeting crazy deadlines without a fuss!"

Angie Moyes

Graphic Designer

“Great response to a panic project. Great attention to detail having had others checking the same work!


Great value for money.”

Paul Smith

Head of Marketing

“If you need an organised, meticulous, knowledgeable and timely proofreader, Emma is your woman. She makes communication simple and delivers her work with a cheerful promptness that shames many other practitioners, while maintaining very high standards.


I'm struggling to find fault, and that's saying something.”

Pat Morgan

Freelance Writer

A little view of my life & adventures...

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